The Potential Pitfalls of Cheap Web Hosting

The Potential Pitfalls of Cheap Web Hosting

Sometimes it Pays to Pay

When it comes to finding the right web hosting provider, sometimes the all mighty dollar may seem like the most important factor. Cheap web hosting might seem like the way to go when building a new website, but there are many pitfalls to consider to ensure you make the right choice. There are several potential disadvantages when using inexpensive web hosting that you’ll want to be weary of. Substandard cheap web hosting can greatly affect the performance of your web site and ultimately lower the quality of your business. With a legitimate web hosting provider, like the ones in our top 10 overall list, you can get low cost hosting without running into many of the pitfalls listed in this article. The web hosting provider business is extremely competitive, so make sure you do as much research as you can before choosing a hosting provider. For more information on top notch cheap web hosting providers, visit our top 10 cheap web hosting providers list.

Requirements that don’t Aspire to Greatness

Cheap web hosting providers often provide cheap hosting by overloading their servers to get the maximum customers they can. This can often cause more problems than solutions. The speed of an overloaded web hosting server is typically slow which can slow down your ability to make changes as well as slow down the rate at which customers can visit your site. The longer it takes to get a website up, the more profit you lose over that time. When an overloaded web hosting provider is used, it can leave a web site with poor quality performance giving customers a negative opinion of your business. When a customer has to wait on a website to finish downloading, due to poor performance, it can be frustrating. In fact, it is estimated that a website has on average less than 3 seconds to convince a customer to stick around. Which would you rather show them in those 3 seconds, a loading image or your products? Another way that cheap web hosting providers often get such low prices is by limiting other features you have access to. For example, a cheap hosting provider may limit you to a small amount of storage or bandwidth. This is definitely something you want to avoid, each of the web hosting providers in our top 10 cheap web hosting providers index have both unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Having a low limit of storage and bandwidth can leave a web site looking unprofessional or force you to compromise on features or user experience in order to cram your site into the limitations.

It’s all in the Technical Details

When you are researching a web hosting provider, cheap or not, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with this feature or that feature and overlook incredibly glaring holes in their offerings.
Many customers who use cheap web hosting are bamboozled into thinking they are getting quality when in fact the web hosting provider is treating them cattle where the goal is to try and stuff as many in the barn as possible. The reality is that poorly chosen cheap web hosting can cost more money in the long run, especially when you factor in lost customers and lost earning potential. Owning and running a business is hard enough, setting up your website with the goal of progressing that business shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to check the technical details closely, especially items like maximum number of websites per server, uptime, and average access speed. If you can, verify the numbers with a 3rd party and not the web hosting provider themselves. If you purchase cheap web hosting, setup a service like WordPress or Drupal right away, even before your site is ready, so you can test it out and get your money back if the performance is terrible.

In the End, it’s all about YOUR Business

Nowadays, everything in the world is driven by technology and the internet. You can’t survive any more without a website that’s accessible to everyone. Websites open the door for business owners everywhere and can increase productivity, sales, and user engagement across a wide variety of metrics. With a good website, a your business can increase inventory and gain new customers much faster than traditional terrestrial methods. A website can also pave the way for expansion into other countries, cities, states, or provinces. A serious business owner has to weigh out all the options when it comes to running a business and choosing a web hosting provider. It is important to make a good investment with regards to web hosting and sometimes, the cheapest option is just not the best one. For more information on great web hosting providers you can choose from, visit our overall top 10 web hosting providers list and our top 10 cheap web hosting providers list for excellent options.

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